To take less from the planet,
we have to give more of ourselves.

At Trust Hills we endeavor to create products that are safe for people and for the earth. In every product we develop, every innovation we employ, our goal is to leave this planet better than we found it. To do this we impose on ourselves strict guidelines that ensure the environment is a priority. Like powering our grow facilities with renewable energy. Composting to recycle plant waste. And leading the industry in making our accessory materials safer for people and for the earth.

Trust Hills mixed-light greenhouses use solar to power fans and temperatures needed to produce a controlled and harvestable crop.

Trust Hills Social Responsibility

In addition to environmental stewardship, community involvement is also an important aspect of corporate social responsibility. Advocacy leads to change, that’s evident in the legalization of cannabis. And we wouldn’t exist without it which compels us to use the power of advocacy in our local communities to assist those in need by providing activism on, and investment in, the issues that matter to our employees, customers and communities, including:


Safe Driving Campaign

Road safety is a leading and legitimate concern as cannabis legalization comes into effect. Education is the key to help prevent an increase in impaired driving. Trust Hills supports and collaborates with Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( MADD ) to provide research reviews and education strategies.

Youth and Cannabis

As cannabis becomes legal for adults state by state, we need to do our part to prevent an increase in youth consumption. Trust Hills is developing resources for parents and other adults to have informed conversations with youth to make healthy, responsible decisions about cannabis use.

Seniors and Veterans

Trust Hills supports seniors and veterans who face daily challenges balancing the need for holistic medicine and the increasing costs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By providing access to education, resources and products we help guide them towards a better life.


Our goal remove the stigma and educate so we can introduce more people to the positive effects of this historically misunderstood plant. That’s why Trust Hills has partnered with doctors and scientists to develop and curate up-to-date, research and education resources for those trying cannabis for the first time.

Addiciton Support

Trust Hills is working with local doctors and facilities to provide cannabis as a possible replacement for the harsher medications that ease people off heroin by reducing withdrawal symptoms and helping people control underlying conditions that brought them to use opioids in the first place.

Cancer Foundation

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