Trust Hills – A Special Brand Acquisition Company.

Building Long-Term Brands

Trust Hills has set the strategic goal of being a market leader in Health and Wellness. From the outset, as we contemplated acquisitions in the broad area of general health to gain a stronger footprint in the industry, we realized that too broad of a focus would quickly take us outside our comfort zone.  So, we centered our strategy on acquiring aggressive-value Health and Wellness companies – ones that are accretive to our existing business and those that are consistent to our purpose of offering only the highest-quality potency, purity and consistency products.

When it comes to connecting acquisitions to strategy, our fundamental approach has proven to be unlike that of many other companies. In the conventional model, a company identifies—either on its own or with outsider help—a new space or a new business strategy and then buys something. By contrast, we work with our Board to develop a general sense of our strategic direction and then refine our strategy along the way through the process of acquisitions.

More than five acquisitions later, we have that process firmly in place and have achieved enough success to believe in it. Of course, it has not been without its share of mistakes.  But our mistakes have inspired process improvements, ones that are only had through experience. As a result, we are strongly positioned to move our strategy forward, and the timing in the markets could not be better for us.

The net sum of what we’ve accomplished with our past acquisitions have allowed us to meet our strategic goal of shifting our business portfolio from a pure play CBD company to a focus on greater Health and Wellness hemp and CBD/non-CBD offerings, ones that have far greater potential for growth and profitability.

Future acquisitions, we believe, will significantly increase the company’s revenue, substantially accelerate our organic revenue growth rate, and make a significantly positive contribution to our net income and cash flow.