Board Advisory

Ron McIntyre

Ron McIntyre serves in a board advisory role at Trust Hills. Ron brings an extensive portfolio with him, specializing in management and technology. As a business veteran, Ron has demonstrated success in managing technology companies and startups in both the United States and Canada. Ron has also been a part of three corporate mergers/acquisitions, only furthering his ability to direct the Trust Hills board towards achieving our short-term and longterm goals. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Ron served as Secretary of SPARC Asia Ltd., and President/Director of Vocalscape Networks, Inc., a provider of VoIP telephony solutions and communications software for Telecommunications companies worldwide. In addition, Ron worked as an SEC Compliance advisor, providing securities law services to private and public companies. Ron’s work focuses on writing Registration Statements, Form 10-Q’s, Form 10-K’s, Form 8-K’s, and additional services related to mergers and acquisitions.

At Trust Hills, Ron works to help us see our expansive vision through. As we continue to explore plans for expansion, Ron serves as an integral member of our team, helping us to facilitate mergers and acquisitions on a massive scale.