Cannabis compliance licensing services

Trust Hills Leasing, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the need for real estate properties that are properly zoned to legally cultivate and process cannabis in emerging markets in the United States. Trust Hills Leasing will offer turnkey real estate solutions to entrepreneurs. Trust Hills Leasing will also acquire distressed businesses’ assets, such as building and equipment, which it can then lease to operators with a lien on the license to secure the investment.

Trust Hills Leasing will secure the building or lease and fund the build-out of the facility to make it both operationally efficient and profitable for cultivation or production. With the help of Trust Hills’ business partner, MD Capital, the Company will use a financial approach similar to a CDO to facilitate decreased turnaround time for deals and take advantage of increased leverage to fuel growth for the Company.


Cannabis compliance licensing services

Trust Hills Licensing will secure licenses for cannabis labs, manufacturers, and retailers, which it will use to ultimately build a portfolio of joint-venture cannabis businesses. In addition, Trust Hill Licensing will create relationships with existing manufacturers of innovative tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)- infused products to distribute to the wholesale market and retail dispensaries.


Acrredited Cannabis Testing

Trust Hills Labs will acquire existing and launch new laboratories specifically for testing the contents and safety of cannabis. With the potential rescheduling of cannabis from the schedule 1 list, Trust Hills Labs will be researching and developing new products that could be FDA approved.

THC will serve as the parent company, overseeing the three different entities and the various businesses each acquires under its umbrella. THC seeks to be the spokes of the wheels within the cannabis industry by way of a synergistic three tiered and vertically integrated platform of companies that will facilitate the industry’s forward movement.

The Company has an additional opportunity within the CBD wholesale and distribution space, which is aligned with the long-term Trust Hills Company vision. In the immediate future, the Company may contract with third-party manufacturers to produce products branded under the Trust Hills umbrella and would be distributed through the Company’s partners.

Due to the high demand and low regulation of CBD, these products can reach a vast multi-state network. All manufacturers and products would undergo stringent vetting and must provide Trust Hills with documentation, including Certificates of Authenticity and production certifications, to ensure they meet the highest quality.

To date, the Company has a large purchase order from a major multistate distributor, reaching 10,000 convenience stores in Florida, Georgia, and Texas. The purchase order would be funded separately and prior to the placement offering of the business plan; however, these cash flows would add intrinsic value to this offering as a revolving and substantial cash flow stream.

Ancillary services benefitting the cannabis industry, such as business consulting and real estate, are in demand. According to the Marijuana Business Daily 2017 Factbook, ancillary services generated a net profit of 31%–higher than any other cannabis industry sector. Further, 78% of ancillary service providers became profitable within a year of operations.

The real estate market in states where medical and recreational cannabis is legal are transforming, with rents nearly doubling. Cannabis real estate is a win all around, states the New York Times; “Building owners can charge above market rates, real estate groups can profit by subleasing to growers, and growers can make enough money to afford the steep rents.”

THC’s business entities will operate within these three key markets, providing strategic guidance and opportunities for its clients. The Company will rely on networking and direct sales to communicate its offerings to clients and businesses from key markets nationwide. THC will attend conferences, as well as launch a web presence to continue to connect with clients and generate brand awareness.