Senior Leadership

James Chamberlin | President & Board Member

As President of Trust Hills, James Chamberlin is the epitome of a seasoned professional with demonstrated expertise and proven success across a number of different organizations throughout the last 25 years. As the leader of Trust Hills, James works closely with the board and the executive management team to establish short and long-term goals, strategies, plans and policies. Previously, James served as the VP of Operations at SelectBuild, Inc., a leading provider of construction services. At SBC, James championed the efforts for SBC growth by 650% in 35 months and increasing revenue to nearly $1 billion. Shortly after, James strategically positioned SBC to sell to a publicly traded Fortune 500 Company. James also previously served as President and Chief Financial Officer at Continental Brokerage, where he worked to successfully restructure the company after financial hardships. James holds a BS in Business Management and Marketing from the University of South Carolina, Columbia University, and is a graduate of The USMC Command and Staff College with studies in Military Science and National Policy. James is a retired Colonel with the United States Marine Corps.

Ron McIntyre | Director of Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions

Ron McIntyre serves as the Director of Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions at Trust Hills. Ron brings an extensive portfolio with him, specializing in management and technology. As a business veteran, Ron has demonstrated success in managing companies and startups in both the United States and Canada. Ron has also been a part of three corporate mergers/acquisitions, enhancing his ability to direct Trust Hills as a SBAC (Special Brand Acquisition Company) towards achieving our short-term and long-term goals.

Prior to joining Trust Hills, Ron served as Secretary of SPARC Asia Ltd., and President/Director of Vocalscape Networks, Inc., a provider of VoIP telephony solutions and communications software for Telecommunications companies worldwide. In addition, Ron worked as an SEC Compliance advisor, providing securities law services to private and public companies. Ron’s work focuses on writing Registration Statements, Form 10-Q’s, Form 10-K’s, Form 8-K’s, and additional services related to mergers and acquisitions. At Trust Hills, Ron works to help us see our expansive vision through. As we continue to explore plans for expansion, Ron serves as an integral member of our team, helping us to facilitate mergers and acquisitions on a massive scale.”

Frank Smith | General Counsel

Frank Smith provides Trust Hills’s senior management with expert legal advice that informs the company’s business strategy and its implementation. He is directly involved in business transactions and negotiations that are key to Trust Hills’s success. Frank has worked for many businesses, both public and private, from small entities to those worth several billion dollars. He was instrumental in assisting Goya Foods, resolving an intra-family corporate governance dispute over many years, assisting Dominican Republic Bank in realizing a profit of more than fifty million dollars and has won millions of dollars for corporations that filed suit for breaches of contract. Formally, he was General Counsel to a company that produced over fifty percent of the hand tools sold by Home Depot.

Frank brings more than two decades of legal experience working across multiple industries. He is an accomplished powerhouse and a trusted resource, which has gained him a roster of long-term loyal clients. He is a legal expert on alternative investments and a true business lawyer, one of the few who practices both litigation and transactional work. Frank holds a Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University School of Law.

Dr. Matthew Tobin | Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Tobin is a board-certified Urologist and Chief of the Division of Urology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Dr. Matthew Tobin received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cornell University. He went on to obtain his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he received regional and national awards for his research in prostate cancer. Dr. Tobin received his General Surgery and Urology training at Harvard. He personally presented his research at a conference for the National Institute of Health (NIH). He founded Atlantic Coast Urology and is the Chairman of Urology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

He has served multiple roles at the hospital, including Chief of Pediatric Urology and Director of Urologic Oncology. He was instrumental in the development of the urology resident program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. The entire Trust Hills staff is honored to have him leading the science division.  The addition of Dr. Tobin to the team gives the Company a substantial advantage when developing wellness products. Medical community involvement is crucial to the overall vision and strategy, and Dr. Tobin’s involvement will most certainly help to solidify Trust Hills’ standing in this space.

Alan Hunte | Chief Financial Officer

As Trust Hills Chief Accounting Officer, Alan Hunte brings over 35 years of experience in the public accounting and financial services industry. Following his career in public accounting, he became Chief Financial Officer of a financial service company. For over 23 years, Alan played a leadership role in the company’s success with responsibility for the financial operations of the organization ensuring that it was adequately developed to support the company over its significant growth period.

Alan gained a unique perspective on optimizing human capital, technology and process and controls. As CFO, he was the principal finance officer involved in the company’s capital raising initiatives, including its IPO. He dealt extensively with the company’s investment bankers, investment analysts, investors and the company’s Board of Directors. Alan also played a significant role in the company’s M&A activities.

Patrick Macklin | Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

Patrick Macklin serves as Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations. With a focus on efficiency, structure, and procedures, Patrick oversees all fulfillment, inventory management, and logistics operations. An experienced operations professional serving a variety of industries for more than fifteen years, Patrick brings a deep understanding of production management, product development, sourcing, and retail fulfillment to the Trust Hills team.

Prior to joining Trust Hills, Patrick managed commercial sales fulfillment for Pep Boys (corporate) in Philadelphia. Most recently he managed sales operations for a $100M+ product design and manufacturing company, one of the largest contract manufacturers of Home Depot’s HUSKY®-brand hand tools. With a career foundation in manufacturing and supply for various regional retail chains, as well as big box retail chains, Patrick brings a pedigree of passion and success for meeting customer needs through operational excellence and building a strong resource network.

Directors and Advisors


Murray Robinson

Murray Robinson works hand-in-hand with Trust Hills in a Board Advisory Role. As a veteran of the agricultural seed business, Murray helps to advise Trust Hills on nearly all matters agricultural, looking to expand our horizons both domestically and overseas. In addition, Murray’s experience showcases his ability to drive scientific innovation in the areas of plant modification and GMO. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Murray was CEO of Delta & Pine Land, now Monsanto. Almost immediately upon his arrival with D&PL, Murray initiated overseas expansion. By the late 1990’s overseas expansion helped to account for a significant percentage of D&PL’s financial growth.

In conjunction with Murray’s ability to advise Trust Hills on our global expansion strategy, Murray was also heavily involved in D&PL’s research and development. While D&PL / Monsanto began to draw attention for work in developing pestresistant seeds through genetic modification, Murray’s efforts instead sought to reduce the use of insecticides. With this same initiative and drive for growth, creativity, and innovation, Murray contributes greatly to the success of Trust Hills.

Peter Zimeri

Peter Zimeri helps to fuel Trust Hills’ growing facilities with renewable energies like solar power, along with other cost-effective, earth-friendly fuels and sources of energy. His expertise in energy and power projects development is extensive and runs deep with real world solutions. Peter brings with him over 35 years of experience within the energy and power production industry, leading companies like Theta Energy USA along a path towards becoming a global leader in advanced waste-to-energy solutions for virtually any waste stream. Peter himself has built, owned, and operated renewable power plants worth more than 10 billion USD worldwide, helping to pave the way for green energy solutions all throughout the world. In total, Peter’s projects have helped to build over 5GW worth of power plants all around the globe.

Throughout nearly all of his professional endeavors, Peter has worked to ensure that he initiates growth across nearly all facets, including company growth, environmental growth, and societal growth. Through his embrace of renewable energy sources, Peter will lead Trust Hills’ renewable energy cannabis growing initiative as we continue our path towards success.

Philip Arvidson

Philip Arvidson brings a multi-faceted approach to Trust Hills’ business endeavors. As a dedicated strategist, Philip reviews and analyzes Trust Hills’ business efforts to ensure maximum ROI. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Philip was the Executive Vice President for PepsiCo, and President of PepsiCo Bottling, a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $63 billion. Philip spent more than a decade leading strategy development and strategic planning across all business units and global sectors, while also overseeing PepsiCo’s venture activities, developing and nurturing both geography-specific and global venturing initiatives and strategies.

Philip is a tremendously seasoned professional with an extensive experience in leading a multi-billion-dollar corporation’s strategy development and strategic planning. Along with his background in overseeing venture activities throughout the global marketplace, Philip brings a multitude of experience to Trust Hills’ board and has dedicated his time to us as a prime strategic advisor, helping to guide all of Trust Hills’ business endeavors both domestically and globally.