Senior Leadership

James Chamberlin – President | Board Member

As President of Trust Hills, James Chamberlin is the epitome of a seasoned professional with demonstrated expertise and proven success across a number of different organizations throughout the last 25 years. As the leader of Trust Hills, James works closely with the board and the executive management team to establish short and long-term goals, strategies, plans and policies. Previously, James served as the VP of Operations at SelectBuild, Inc., a leading provider of construction services. At SBC, James championed the efforts for SBC growth by 650% in 35 months and increasing revenue to nearly $1 billion. Shortly after, James strategically positioned SBC to sell to a publicly traded Fortune 500 Company. James also previously served as President and Chief Financial Officer at Continental Brokerage, where he worked to successfully restructure the company after financial hardships. James holds a BS in Business Management and Marketing from the University of South Carolina, Columbia University, and is a graduate of The USMC Command and Staff College with studies in Military Science and National Policy. James is a retired Colonel with the United States Marine Corps.

Joseph Mazzucco – Chief Operating Officer

Joe Mazzucco leads Trust Hills as its Chief Operating officer. A transformational executive with keen imagination and foresight, Joe has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals. A focused leader and seasoned executive, Joe is a visionary with a track record for finding innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins. His vision will be at the forefront of Trust Hills marketing and advertising campaigns.

Prior to joining Trust Hills, Joe worked to found Greystone Real Estate Services, where he has served as Founder and Senior Partner since 2003. For over 15 years at Greystone, Joe placed his emphasis within the real estate market on the marketing and financial sectors. He led Greystone’s efforts on acquisitions, entitlements, leasing, financing, community engagement, and business development projects. Before Greystone, Joe spent over a decade as Vice President of Sales of two NY Stock Exchange real estate developers, Deltona Corp (DLT) and General Development (GD). While at DLT and GD he managed sales operations for each of the company’s master planned communities, covering hundreds of thousands of acres in Florida. Further demonstrating  his ability to lead, Joe is an accomplished team manager, having recruited and trained over 1,000 sales agents and managers throughout his career.

Frank Smith – General Counsel

Frank Smith provides Trust Hills’s senior management with expert legal advice that informs the company’s business strategy and its implementation. He is directly involved in business transactions and negotiations that are key to Trust Hills’s success. Frank has worked for many businesses, both public and private, from small entities to those worth several billion dollars. He was instrumental in assisting Goya Foods, resolving an intra-family corporate governance dispute over many years, assisting Dominican Republic Bank in realizing a profit of more than fifty million dollars and has won millions of dollars for corporations that filed suit for breaches of contract. Formally, he was General Counsel to a company that produced over fifty percent of the hand tools sold by Home Depot.

Frank brings more than two decades of legal experience working across multiple industries. He is an accomplished powerhouse and a trusted resource, which has gained him a roster of long-term loyal clients. He is a legal expert on alternative investments and a true business lawyer, one of the few who practices both litigation and transactional work. Frank holds a Juris Doctorate from Hofstra University School of Law.

Bruce Meyers – Chief Development Officer

Bruce Meyers is responsible for the development and advancement of Trust Hills’s pipeline of cannabis products in several therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses. He will head the Portfolio Strategy and Investment Committee, which will focus on maximizing the return on R&D investment across the Trust Hills portfolio. Bruce is committed to bringing CBD innovative therapies into the marketplace, addressing significant unmet medical needs.

Before joining the company in September 2018, Bruce came to Trust Hills as an investment banker and financial advisor whose professional experience has spanned three decades. Within his financial craft, Bruce has centered on biotechnology. Bruce was the Primary Investment Banker for Cytoclonal Pharmaceutics which merged to form a $2 billion NASDAQ company, OPKO Health. He is co-founder of SignPath Pharma, a clinical stage Biotech company that has developed products for the treatment of cancer and cardiac side effects. SignPath has completed Phase I human trials with intravenous Liposomal Curcumin for cancer treatments. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Meyers Investments Family LP.

David D. Charles – Chief Of Staff

David Charles serves as the Chief Of Staff for Trust Hills. In his role, David is responsible for implementing the operating strategies for Trust Hills across all levels of operation. David is extremely focused on maintaining operational efficiency across all departments.

Prior to joining the Trust Hills Team David worked for over 20 years building exceptional organizations from the ground up in the retail automotive industry. Beginning his career at Courtesy Lincoln Mercury and Heritage Cadillac in Atlanta’s metropolitan area, David became known for his ability to create a customer-centered culture of high performance and exemplary service. An accomplished sales, finance and general manager, David was instrumental in building one of the largest automotive dealer groups within the Atlanta market. Formerly, David worked closely with world renowned speaker Les Brown to develop the Les Brown Institute, where they trained professional speakers, coaches, and corporate trainers. As a proven professional with demonstrated success, David has been recognized throughout his career as a servant leader with a unique capacity to assist his team members in leveraging their own abilities to better drive efficiency.

Spencer Mikesell – Vice President of Project Management

With over 17 years of professional experience in the cannabis space, Spencer Mikesell has extensive experience in nearly all levels of project management within the cannabis industry, including retail, distribution, commercial cultivation, operations, licensing, and various manufacturing ventures. Throughout his professional endeavors, Spencer has had a vast impact on many of the current cannabis-friendly states and their respective demographics.

Prior to joining Trust Hills, Spencer has worked as an entrepreneur and a consultant, owning and operating multiple businesses in both cannabis related industries and outside industries. Outside of the cannabis industry, Spencer worked as VP of Sales for a Fortune 500 technology company, where he managed four teams of associates, while simultaneously operating existing and emerging new businesses within the cannabis space. Through these experiences, Spencer has developed a unique comprehension of both corporate and small business economics, along with an ability to multitask, communicate, and incorporate fundamental business practice within and without of the cannabis industry

Jared Beam – Chief Strategy Officer of Growing

Jared Beam remains steadfast in his dedication to leading the way as Trust Hills continues to provide real solutions to growers all throughout the United States that help to reduce and improve the environmental footprint. Jared works to identify and secure investment-friendly deals within the cannabis space all throughout the United States. With his leadership abilities, Jared brings forth a wave of experience, a network of industry leaders, operators, investors, attorneys, and real estate brokers, and his ability to make critical decisions about the direction of the company. His experience is crucial in our ability to identify profitable opportunities, brands to acquire, locations to develop, and markets to target.

Jared’s expertise in the cannabis industry is extensive and serves him well in his current position. Throughout his career, Jared has worked with growers all across the nation, providing him with the required knowledge and understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges that currently plague growers from region to region. Throughout the last 15 years, Jared has been heavily involved in cannabis retail, wholesale, design, cultivation, manufacturing, licensing, and brokering.

Jamie Nelson – Chief Programs Officer

Jamie Nelson brings her vast experience from the medical sales industry, along with her passion for cannabis to nearly every aspect of Trust Hills’ fundamental business dealings. Jamie is directly involved in the implementation of Trust Hills’ product lines developed specifically for physicians and patients. Soon, Jamie plans to create a Trust Hills Foundation that will focus on all aspects of social justice around cannabis prohibition to ensure that Trust Hills is always on the moral forefront of social justice reform.

Prior to joining Trust Hills, Jamie worked with several companies within the medical sales industry, spending over a decade selling sophisticated capital medical equipment, and in the process, learning the deficiencies of the current healthcare system. Previously, Jamie joined the pharmaceutical sales industry with Forest Pharmaceuticals, a multinational company in the pharmaceutical industry that produces branded drugs and performs pharmaceutical research and development. Her business management experience began at Philip Morris USA, where she successfully sold retail marketing platforms and a newly launched product brand, achieving substantial corporate recognition.

Brendan McCauley – Operations Manager

SectionAs the Operations Manager of Trust Hills, Brendan McCauley serves to manage the fundamental business dealings of our operations team. As a proven leader, and certified energy life coach, with established success in employee leadership and long-lasting customer relationships, Brendan brings a unique perspective to Trust Hills in terms of running a high-energy team that permeates through the entire organization. Recently, Brendan has co-branded with world-renowned speaker, Les Brown, serving as a sales trainer and coach, while also providing guidance, team support, and motivation to his organization. Throughout his professional endeavors, Brendan has delivered sales training to United States Army recruiters, as well as major automobile and automotive franchises including the likes of Toyota, Hyundai, Jeep, Dodge, and others. As a true Millennial, Brendan brings his love for technology and training to the table, here at Trust Hills. Through his leadership, he helps to foster an exciting collaborative environment full of new age digital and old school face-to-face approaches of leadership and employee training. Formally, Brendan worked for Tenet Health Care, a Fortune 250 company. Brendan received his MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

Harold Plotkin – Field Operations

As a successful Marketing and Sales executive for the past decade, Harold Plotkin brings an expertise of the field with him to nearly everything he does at Trust Hills. Understanding the necessity for getting involved within the market, Harold helps to target our field operations in areas that are most conducive to our business dealings. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Harold worked as Vice President of Sales Operations for Paradise Exteriors LLC., in Boynton Beach, Florida. As a startup with only a few people and sales of only $250,000 annually, Harold helped to foster tremendous growth in only a few years, growing the company to over 50 employees with a monthly average sales figure of $3.8 million. In addition, Harold was also a key member of the team that was awarded the Governor’s Ambassador Award in 2018 from Florida Governor, Rick Scott.

At Trust Hills, Harold oversees all operations taking place in the field, including training, performance monitoring, planning, analyzing, and general administrative duties to ensure that our field operations team is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Directors and Advisors

Thomas McFall

Tom McFall serves as Chairman of the Trust Hills Board. A seasoned professional with two decades of experience as a successful chairman and founder, Tom has worked to sustain an illustrious career. Prior to joining Trust Hills as Board Chairman, Tom has operated in the C-Suite for several well-known companies including serving as the Chairman and CEO of Gulfstream International, Inc., an aviation company; Signal Apparel Company, Inc., a manufacturer, marketer, and seller of apparel for both men and women in the United States; and Weatherly Group LLC, a middle market Private Equity management buyout firm.

A true driven professional and accomplished leader in a variety of industries, Tom has also served as chairman for companies in the food service sector, the paper product industry, and even the military. Tom’s massive portfolio is something that we find valuable here at Trust Hills. Tom utilizes his experience to help direct the board towards Trust Hills’ goals and missions.

Nancy Alario

Nancy Alario currently sits on the board for Trust Hills. As an experienced professional with years of executive experience for leading capital firms, Nancy works to develop relationships with strategic partners to further enhance Trust Hills status and help it grow to new levels. Employing her extensive background in marketing within the medical field and the food industry, Nancy works to
benefit the goals and mission of Trust Hills.

Most recently, Nancy served as the Chief Operating Officer for MD Capital Group. Throughout her time there, Nancy helped to provide clients with funding totaling over 1.5 billion dollars. Nancy has also served as the President of New Vision LLC., a marketing company focused on assisting businesses and organizations within the medical industry looking to implement more modern marketing strategies. Previously, Nancy served as the Chief Financial Officer for several different medical groups throughout New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Throughout her multi-faceted tenure, Nancy’s companies saw significant financial growth under her leadership.

Murray Robinson

Murray Robinson works hand-in-hand with Trust Hills in a Board Advisory Role. As a veteran of the agricultural seed business, Murray helps to advise Trust Hills on nearly all matters agricultural, looking to expand our horizons both domestically and overseas. In addition, Murray’s experience showcases his ability to drive scientific innovation in the areas of plant modification and GMO. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Murray was CEO of Delta & Pine Land, now Monsanto. Almost immediately upon his arrival with D&PL, Murray initiated overseas expansion. By the late 1990’s overseas expansion helped to account for a significant percentage of D&PL’s financial growth.

In conjunction with Murray’s ability to advise Trust Hills on our global expansion strategy, Murray was also heavily involved in D&PL’s research and development. While D&PL / Monsanto began to draw attention for work in developing pestresistant seeds through genetic modification, Murray’s efforts instead sought to reduce the use of insecticides. With this same initiative and drive for growth, creativity, and innovation, Murray contributes greatly to the success of Trust Hills.

Peter Zimeri

Peter Zimeri helps to fuel Trust Hills’ growing facilities with renewable energies like solar power, along with other cost-effective, earth-friendly fuels and sources of energy. His expertise in energy and power projects development is extensive and runs deep with real world solutions. Peter brings with him over 35 years of experience within the energy and power production industry, leading companies like Theta Energy USA along a path towards becoming a global leader in advanced waste-to-energy solutions for virtually any waste stream. Peter himself has built, owned, and operated renewable power plants worth more than 10 billion USD worldwide, helping to pave the way for green energy solutions all throughout the world. In total, Peter’s projects have helped to build over 5GW worth of power plants all around the globe.

Throughout nearly all of his professional endeavors, Peter has worked to ensure that he initiates growth across nearly all facets, including company growth, environmental growth, and societal growth. Through his embrace of renewable energy sources, Peter will lead Trust Hills’ renewable energy cannabis growing initiative as we continue our path towards success.

Philip Arvidson

Philip Arvidson brings a multi-faceted approach to Trust Hills’ business endeavors. As a dedicated strategist, Philip reviews and analyzes Trust Hills’ business efforts to ensure maximum ROI. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Philip was the Executive Vice President for PepsiCo, and President of PepsiCo Bottling, a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $63 billion. Philip spent more than a decade leading strategy development and strategic planning across all business units and global sectors, while also overseeing PepsiCo’s venture activities, developing and nurturing both geography-specific and global venturing initiatives and strategies.

Philip is a tremendously seasoned professional with an extensive experience in leading a multi-billion-dollar corporation’s strategy development and strategic planning. Along with his background in overseeing venture activities throughout the global marketplace, Philip brings a multitude of experience to Trust Hills’ board and has dedicated his time to us as a prime strategic advisor, helping to guide all of Trust Hills’ business endeavors both domestically and globally.

Ron McIntyre

Ron McIntyre serves in a board advisory role at Trust Hills. Ron brings an extensive portfolio with him, specializing in management and technology. As a business veteran, Ron has demonstrated success in managing technology companies and startups in both the United States and Canada. Ron has also been a part of three corporate mergers/acquisitions, only furthering his ability to direct the Trust Hills board towards achieving our short-term and longterm goals. Prior to joining Trust Hills, Ron served as Secretary of SPARC Asia Ltd., and President/Director of Vocalscape Networks, Inc., a provider of VoIP telephony solutions and communications software for Telecommunications companies worldwide. In addition, Ron worked as an SEC Compliance advisor, providing securities law services to private and public companies. Ron’s work focuses on writing Registration Statements, Form 10-Q’s, Form 10-K’s, Form 8-K’s, and additional services related to mergers and acquisitions.

At Trust Hills, Ron works to help us see our expansive vision through. As we continue to explore plans for expansion, Ron serves as an integral member of our team, helping us to facilitate mergers and acquisitions on a massive scale.