Cannabis Consulting

Trust Hills is committed to your success. Whether you’re looking to launch a new cannabis business or you’re an established businesses looking to expand, Trust Hills can help you navigate the legal complexities and become a trusted advisor on critical business functions, leveraging over two decades of experience and success in agriculture, architecture, engineering, project management, facilities management, education, strategy, marketing, legal compliance, and cannabis cultivation.

Whatever your goal, the experts at Trust Hills are ready to work with you to map out a plan for success. Our team is committed to safe and responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal medical and recreational cannabis – and shaping the industry’s future worldwide. From small start-ups to large companies, from agriculture to new product development, from coast to coast – the opportunities are endless in this new frontier. You can find the support and expertise you need from your team at Trust Hills.

Genetic Consulting

Trust Hills will help you determine what genetic strains are needed and secure or create these genetic hybrids through our network of elite genetic breeders.

Cultivation Consulting

Trust Hills can assist you in determining what solar, agriculture, irrigation, and hydro products you’ll need along with compliance and testing.

Extraction Consulting

Trust Hills is a partner you can count on for general contracting, implementation of ISO and GMP standards, securing labs and facilities, packaging and compliance.

Manufacturing Consulting

We’ll assist you in creating GMP for assembly line manufacturing, building and creating guidelines for ISO, analytical lab standards, integrating software and more.

Distribution Consulting

Trust Hills can provide infrastructure customized to your needs and provide access into our international distribution channels.

Retail Consulting

From buildouts, hiring personal and placing an operator to integrating software and creating contracts to fill shelf space, Trust Hills can provide turn-key operations.

We’re here to help you succeed, schedule a consultation today.