Wholesale and Retail

Trust Hills works with existing manufacturers to quickly achieve the necessary capacity for mass distribution of cannabis products through our vast multi-state distribution network. Trust Hills also manufactures its own line of products, made available through our high-volume trade channels.

Leasing, Licensing and Labs

Trust Hills Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the changing tides within the cannabis industry through three strategically aligned business entities. Under THC’s vertically integrated umbrella of companies, it will leverage the leadership, financing and knowledge necessary to ultimately create a profitable portfolio businesses. The company’s three distinct entities will compliment one another, providing the necessary mechanisms for successful industry wide growth.


Most states in the United States have some form of medical or recreational use cannabis law. As state markets mature, needs and priorities in this new and emerging industry are quickly transitioning to traditional business challenges such as operational efficiency, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and market penetration. Trust Hills provides a purpose-built mix of cannabis consulting and ancillary products to meet your ongoing and future needs.