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Trust Hills understands cannabis has the power to heal and change the world.

Trust Hills understands cannabis has the power to heal and change the world – We are committed to advancing scientific research and educating providers and patients worldwide that cannabis is in fact medicine and it’s time we give this powerful plant therapeutic respect.  Until generations of people understand that cannabis was villainized for complicated socio-economic and political reasons, it will continue to be categorized as a gateway drug. Therefore Trust Hills is determined to influence the social fabric around this cultural shift through multiple educational platforms; in hopes this powerful herb will eventually be accepted as medicine worldwide.

The cannabis industry is growing at nearly twenty times the rate of U.S. gross domestic product. By some estimates, sales are projected to be as high as $22 billion per year by 2022. This seemingly nonstop growth is creating a “green rush” in newly legalized recreational markets like California. The future is poised to be similarly frenetic—a new report from Ackrell Capital projects that cannabis will become legal nationwide by 2020.

On the Rise
Operators rushing to greener fields of cannabis will face a variety of roadblocks, ranging from oversaturated markets to regulatory and compliance issues. Marketing costs for cannabis brands are often quite high,even as the cost of the commodity drops due to an increase in competition and over production.

Tax payments for cannabis operations can be higher than other industries as businesses cannot claim traditional deductions and compliance is essentially on all aspects of the business,  from security to packaging. This changing climate and the competitive nature of the industry will ultimately result in businesses failing. However, chaos creates opportunities that Trust Hills is now uniquely positioned to capitalize on.

Leading the Way
Trust Hills Company, Ltd. (also referred to as “THC” and “the Company”) is poised to capitalize on the changing tides within the cannabis industry through three strategically aligned business entities. Under THC’s vertically integrated umbrella, we will leverage leadership, financing and knowledge necessary to ultimately create a profitable portfolio of cannabis businesses. The Company’s three distinct entities will complement one another, providing necessary mechanisms for successful industrywide growth.

Trust Hills Leadership Team

Cannabis Facts

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential. Scientists, health professionals, and medical marijuana patients are using CBD products to treat a wide range of conditions….