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Who We Are

Trust Hills understands CBD has the power to heal and change the world – We are committed to advancing scientific research and educating providers and patients worldwide that CBD is in fact medicine and it’s time we give this powerful plant therapeutic respect.  Until generations of people understand that CBD was villainized for complicated socio-economic and political reasons, it will continue to be categorized as a gateway drug. Therefore Trust Hills is determined to influence the social fabric around this cultural shift through multiple educational platforms; in hopes this powerful herb will eventually be accepted as medicine worldwide.

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Committed to Quality

At Trust Hills, our ultimate goal is to promote a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. One of the ways we work to accomlish this goal is by ensuring our products are of the highest quality and by remaining transparent in our businsess practives. We take pride in the time, effort, and research that goes into every single one of our product because we know that it is essential to providing the greatest overall experience for you. At Trust Hills, you’ll find a wide selection of products that are ethically sourced, certified organic, and non-GMO. It is our hope that whenever you see the Trust Hills logo on shelves or online, you feel a sense of trust, community, and wellbeing.

Furthermore, we hope to inspire you and your family to join us in our mission of creating a community that values health, compassion, and progress.

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CBD and More

We currently offer a comprehensive line of high quality CBD products. Throughout our manufacturing process, your safety and the quality of your experience is our highest concern. In order to ensure quality, each of our CBD products is lab tested by a third party to ensure correct dosage amount, and confirm the absence of toxins, heavy metals, or illegal compounds such as THC.

Although CBD is certainly at the center of what we do as a company, we are proud to offer a variety of non-CBD wellness products such as super foods, skin care, soap, shampoo, bath bombs, and more. Customers can rely on Trust Hills as a one stop shop for high quality wellness product offerings.

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Leading with Knowledge and Confidence

The Trust Hills Medical Advisory Board is composed of physicians and medical professionals who, from their unique vantage point and expertise, will help guide the development and innovation of new products based on condition-specific solutions. The Advisory Board was formed to accomplish two specific objectives. First, through research and development pathways, they help Trust Hills formulate products that aid in the treatment of patients with a wide array of diseases or symptoms, serving as a better alternative to conventional medications.

Second, members of the Advisory Board will be an integral part in the Trust Hills Cannabis Health Literacy Initiative. This Initiative serves as a cannabis education-based platform, whereby Trust Hills as a company reaches out to the community, sharing evidence-based research on how cannabis and CBD can be beneficial to both physicians and to the general public. Overall, the Medical Advisory Board gives Trust Hills leverage over other CBD companies, as it solidifies the Company as a trusted brand with cutting edge products, backed by evidence-based research and education, further establishing a profitable portfolio of health and wellness businesses.