About Trust Hills

Our Aspiration

Since the beginning, Trust Hills has understood that cannabis has the power to heal and change the world – a belief that we have become invested in. Our goal is to become the world’s leading cannabis company, bringing high-quality, safe and affordable cannabis to the national and the international markets. With that in mind, we’re ready to build on vertically integrated operations, initially in 11 states, and become the leader of the transformative market potentially worth $40 billion. Our attention to quality will ensure the company becomes a gold standard not only in the U.S., but throughout the world.

Our Values

  • Integrity, Transparency, and Reliability​ – ​​We believe in operating with integrity, transparency, and reliability at every turn
  • Success Driven​ – ​​We are first and foremost success driven​​
  • Quality Execution – ​​By understanding our partners’ and consumers’ preferences, we ensure quality with every interaction ​​​
  • Creatively Oriented – ​By relying on our creative skill sets, we’re able to weave innovation into our companies’ business processes
  • Community – ​We want to share the tremendous resources of our people as a force for good into the communities we know and love today

Transparency in practices and policies, while remaining responsive to our shareholders, are the critical elements in positioning Trust Hills for long-term success.

Our Story

Founded in 2018, Trust Hills Company seeks to develop the most expansive portfolio of any company in the American cannabis industry. Our company and subsidiaries plan to establish a full-service operation of cannabis cultivation, testing, and dispensing drawing on our partners’ talents throughout the United States.

Great businesses earn today’s success while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. We do just that.

Trust Hills builds relationships and partnerships with investors, regulators, and researchers to ensure that we continue to innovate and raise the standard for the cannabis industry. Cannabis use is widespread.  It is legal for recreational use in 9 states and for medical use in 29 states. Our production strategies will conform to state mandates for marketing.  We seek to ensure safe and affordable cannabis products.  Expansion in this market domain is Trust Hills vision.

We believe that cannabis has a unique ability to heal on both a mental and physical level. Access to cannabis should not be limited – it should be embraced and developed safely to reach its full potential.

Trust Hills has developed a portfolio of business partnerships. Together we will become major players in the U.S. and world Cannabis industry. We understand that today’s cannabis market is a volatile one. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to secure access to cannabis across the supply chain.

Trust Hills is among several cannabis companies who see its potential to change the world. However, we remain committed to leading the charge.

Excellence in corporate governance goes hand-in-hand with delivering positive business results.

Trust Hills will be engaged in aggressive value real estate purchases with the purpose of leasing property back to cannabis growers, testers, and retailers. In addition, Trust Hills will participate in the acquisition of marijuana licenses and the testing of cannabis products.

Our Approach
Leasing, Licensing, Labs

  • Promoting a responsible approach and helping others invest in the space that will allow us to take the leadership position in the cannabis industry. ​​​​​ (Trust Hills Leasing)
  • Providing a wider variety of cannabis growing facilities as customer preference and licensing practice evolves. (Trust Hills Licensing)
  • Working to consistently develop and market more safe and reliable cannabis products by creating a national testing facility. (Trust Hills Labs)

Our partnering hedge fund, Blackwater, Ltd., will also provide financing for expansion capital and real estate. Trust Hills plans to acquire outside companies to help stake a claim in the TSX stock market so that we can become the leader in the American cannabis market.

Our Team

Although we are a new cannabis company, we have assembled our management team of veterans with over 45-years of experience in the industry and over 150-years in corporate business. We are a diverse and impressive group that is dedicated to our vision and our mission. With this team, Trust Hills Company is set to revolutionize the cannabis industry within the next three years.

Attracting, Developing & Retaining Talent

​Employees want challenging, meaningful work. They want to make decisions that matter, while growing their careers. We provide these opportunities, including internships and diverse assignments designed to stretch capability. We recruit people with strong leadership potential. We are building recruiting relationships with universities nationwide. Our university recruiting will be complemented by our efforts to hire experienced employees with demonstrated leadership capabilities​. We work in highly competitive, regulated industries, and thus our development programs will prepare our team to take on complex business challenges.

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