We are turning perceptions into new realities.
We are saying NO to conventional thinking.

A Legacy is Born

Trust Hills is devoted to improving quality of life and participating in a healthier future – for individuals and families, for our flourishing and robust communities, and for our planet.

Trust Hills – dedicated to Health and Happiness

The Health and Wellness industry is rapidly changing, and the successors of the industry will evolve through innovative products and services, developing and adhering to safety standards and educating consumers. With regulation of the global wellness industry evolving, we are focusing our resources and talented team with decades of collective experience to become America’s leader in the distribution and sale of Health and Wellness associated products.

Our mission is to become the industry leader in providing superior grade, consciously grown products that create long-term value through innovation and development. We will strive to influence social change by investing in medical education, social justice reform and scientific research; while continually prioritizing our commitment to stakeholders and strategic partners.

Our Brands

Roots of Health

Naked Naturals


Hemp’s End