Creating a standard for the cannabis industry that’s rooted in experience.

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Trust Hills is a community of people focused on transparency and value creation above all else.

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We believe that Cannabis has a unique ability to heal mental and physical medical conditions.

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“We Miss You Glenn.”

Trust Hills Company

The cannabis industry is changing – for the better. The future of our industry will be built on innovation, harm reduction, and informed consumer choice. With regulation of the cannabis industry in place, we’re focusing our resources, our talented team, and decades of collective experience to become the America’s leader in the leasing, licensing, and testing, of authorized cannabis and associated products.

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly. Medical cannabis use is now legal in many states throughout the U.S., and many other states have also decriminalized recreational cannabis use as well. Marijuana companies are becoming more prevalent and some have already become publicly traded after witnessing significant increases in profit margins. The growth potential for the marijuana industry continues to improve dramatically as more and more states jump on the ‘legalize it’ bandwagon.

On the Rise

A rising number of marijuana companies are seeing their publicly traded stock prices increase, some by as much as 147%, beating the S&P’s modest profits handedly.

Leading the Way

Trust Hills Company is positioned to be a national leader and innovator in the cannabis industry, with a rich, vertically integrated understanding of the market, bringing along extensive expertise in all areas of the supply chain.

Ready to Grow

The legal cannabis industry is poised for big growth, in North America and around the world; Trust Hills Company was formed to ensure the industry reaches its full potential.

The Mission

Our mission is to develop successful businesses that are pivotal industry leaders in creating and providing superior grade cannabis products; to invest in people and grow businesses through human capital; to solve societal issues for our stakeholders, employees, and partners; to back reduced harm products that are superior grade; and to create long-term value through innovation and development.

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